A Football World Where it Pays to be ruthless and make ballsy decisions

Do you know your football team better than a WAG* knows her mating ritual?

Experience a place where football knowledge, managerial knowhow and ballsy decisions will lead you to glory at the top of the Jaffer tree.

* ‘WAG’ - An overpublicized, superficial barbie doll, found lurking at football matches, easily distinguished by their orange skin tone.

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Jaffer Legends

Name: Herr Flopp
Nationality German
Style of Football Gegenpress pincer
Gets to know his players by Desperately acting like one of the lads
Best known for Being football management’s version of a hipster
Mind games Tactical honesty
Name: Arse Whinger
Nationality French
Style of Football Pass, dribble, pass, dribble, pass, dribble, pass, dribble, pass... full-time
Gets to know his players by Showing blind loyalty
Best known for The zip on his wallet being tighter than the one on his coat
Mind games Gets rattled, gets physical
Name: Anche Grotti
Nationality Italian
Style of Football Simple... just manage the biggest clubs and best players
Gets to know his players by Reminding them he was Pirlo’s mentor... football thanks you
Best known for Cash flow
Mind games Mr Nice Guy
Name: Ego Specialinho
Nationality Portuguese
Style of Football Long, red and come in threes
Gets to know his players by He doesn't, they get the honour of knowing him
Best known for Sulking at the journo hand that feeds him
Mind games Shots fired
Name: Sir Bossalot
Nationality Scottish
Style of Football It’s not over until I say so
Gets to know his players by Being the father figure... daddy didn’t love me
Best known for Hanging around boardrooms like the grim reaper
Mind games Bulldoze and back-handed compliments
Name: Pablo Tikitaka
Nationality Spanish
Style of Football The innovation of Messi’s team wins
Gets to know his players by Showing them he is a football Einstein
Best known for Being the sharply dressed one the missus fancies
Mind games A cool head, doesn't think he needs them